Here at Catholic Children’s Society, we have a strong ethos which is clear in our vision, values and mission…


Our Vision

All children and families are empowered to experience a fullness of life


Our Values

Community | Family | Diversity | Dignity


Our Mission

In the Spirit of the Gospel, we work with children and families to build stronger, supportive communities wherever there is current disadvantage



Below you will see our ‘building blocks’ philosophy and what we achieved last year.


Faith and FoundationFamily and CommunityDignity and OwnershipEnabling through PartnershipDiversity with Respect
Based on a powerful conviction to love and serve.

Last year, we worked with 150 families in the Wirral area through our services including family support, counselling and our parenting programmes.

Working to enable families and communities to grow.

Last year, we delivered 31 parenting programmes to support hard-to-reach families, who have been unable to access group programmes due to health, special needs, transport, disability, childcare, lack of confidence or inability to cope in a group situation

Valuing the contributions of all stakeholders.

Last year, we successfully piloted a ‘Wirral Schools Family Support’ project.  This project continues to grow.

Acknowledging the valuable contributions of our support networks.

We continue to work with families where the following situations may exist: poverty, substance misuse, domestic violence, emotional or mental health concerns, parenting skills, teenage pregnancy, one parent in prison, worklessness, relationship breakdown, debt, access to services and children taken into care by relations.

Embracing the potential of all people.

We work with with children and young people who have been bereaved or experienced significant loss, become carers, subject to bullying, in need of a listening ear, non-attendance at school or medical appointments, thinking about suicide, victims of relationship abuse, drugs and alcohol addictions, complex needs and difficulty in communicating with others, on the child protection register and children in need.